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What's it like to work with us?

If you're new to this, or it's been a while since you worked with a trainer, facilitator, or consultant, here are a few things to get you ready for that first phone call...

We just need a little help. Do you do that?

YES. This approach is not only easy to do, but it helps you get to know us! If you're unsure about diving in with a consultant, this is a great way to go.

For small projects like trainings, workshops, or executive coaching, I typically have a phone call with the organization's leader, then respond with a short MOU that lays out deliverables and pricing in an abbreviated form. Once the MOU is reviewed by the Board and/or procurement staff, we each sign and begin work.

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Sunset on the Desert

What if we have something larger in mind?

We love it! For large projects like an organizational assessment or strategic planning, we typically work in one of two ways, depending on your organizational capacity and personality:

1. We respond to a written proposal request with a comprehensive proposal--where timeline, deliverables, and pricing are all laid out. These proposals reflect the typical processes we've used before, with room for fine-tuning as we go. This approach is less flexible and tends to be more expensive, but it allows you to solicit multiple vendors for a fair comparison.


2. We work with you to create a tailored process, where we sit down with 3-4 folks from your organization to co-design the process--maybe even working alongside your internal facilitators! Though it can ask more of staff & Board members, this approach allows lots of room for you to dig in and help shape the deliverables and the process.

Can we afford this?

It helps to have a rough budget in mind when you reach out to a consultant.

Cultivate Strategy's facilitation, consulting, and coaching rates are between $125-200 per hour, depending on the size of your organization. Trainings have a more complex pricing structure, depending on licensing and customization.

Keep in mind that with many groups, we partner with a co-facilitator or co-trainer to ensure a great group experience. And for every hour we facilitate, we need to budget for 2-3 more hours to design the process, meet with your team, and create documentation.

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