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You Can't Push Culture.
But you can shape relationships through networks and narratives.

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Our clients often feel like they have tried everything to change their cultures within work teams, volunteer groups, and faith communities. But so many are stuck in approaches we now know are least likely to change our habits: extrinsic rewards, heroic leadership, "buy-in" initiatives, and mandatory trainings. 

We can help. Inspired by complex systems in nature, we host conversations, workshops, and nontraditional assessments that uncover patterns in relational networks, behaviors, power structures, decision-making habits, and rules--both written and unwritten.  We listen not for opinions, but for stories, because they ground our observations in the relationships and culture unique to your system. 

Then, we guide you in safe-to-fail experiments at every level of your organization. We help you avoid manipulation, watch for impacts, stave off unintended consequences, and modify your interventions based on what you see.


If you want to sustain what works, nurture good patterns, stimulate growth, and intervene with integrity, contact us.

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