Virtual Engagement

Online Doesn't Have to Mean Isolation.

Experience high-quality communication that bridges the distance.

Most of us experience a gathering or meeting multiple times per week. But what happens if your team adds remote workers? If your neighborhood or faith community loses the means to meet in-person? Or your work gains an international scope, across multiple time zones?

We can help. Using the Zoom platform, we can host conversations, open spaces, and nontraditional town halls (up to 100 participants) that invite clear, caring connection across space and difference. Release the burden of virtual hosting, so you can focus on being present in your role, wisdom, and community.

We also offer team coaching to reset the patterns of your virtual meetings, moving forward. We help you move through the essential elements of every good meeting:

  • Sharing collective knowledge

  • Acknowledging emotions

  • exploring possibilities

  • Co-creating meaning

  • Moving forward with context-appropriate action.


If you are ready to sustain what works, nurture good patterns, stimulate growth, and intervene with integrity, contact us.

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We proudly provide government services through

B. E. Riley Consulting

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  • Ramsey County for Community Engagement

  • State of Minnesota

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