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How much time have you wasted trying to push rivers?

Sherry Johnson has been there. In her early days of leadership--teaching, directing, nonprofit startups, community organizing--Sherry was an effective leader, but often failing to tune into her own and fellow humans' need for care and trust. After experiencing midlife burnout and a subsequent autism diagnosis, Sherry learned to shift her leadership style by releasing her need for control and certainty.


Now, Sherry guides leaders from all sectors to embrace uncertainty when linear, mechanized approaches no longer serve. She moves them toward a sense of wonder in everyday possibilities and grounding them in the talent and passion of the people around them.

If you are ready to reshape more sustainable workplaces where everyone can belong, we specialize in hosting inclusive processes that help organizations reset their missions, renew and live out their values, and explore context-specific, sustainable growth strategies.


Our clients...

  • Turn to nature for the cues and courage needed for bold organizational leadership.

  • Set hold new work and grow relationships.

  • Gain confidence to shed lifeless projects and exclusionary practices.

Cultivate Strategy...

  • Fosters more resilient, caring organizations.

  • Helps leaders shed notions of "success" that no longer serve humanity.

  • Creates space for diversity of thought, experience, and context.

Set your weird and wonderful energy free. 

About Sherry

Principal Guide,

Cultivate Strategy

With a background in youth arts education, community engagement, and volunteer coordination, Sherry knows that when people examine implicit assumptions—from multiple perspectives, alongside accessible data—they prime themselves for trust and triumph.

Sherry began her career as a high school English and theatre teacher, where she was active in curriculum development. She transitioned into community engagement work with East Side Prosperity Campaign and District 4, where she applied asset-based community development principles and effective consensus methods. Sherry then began assisting nonprofits and local government in strategy and innovation for clients like The City of Saint Paul, HOURCAR/Neighborhood Energy Connection, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Minnesota Roller Derby, and King County Arts Coalition.

Sherry engages intuition, promotes mindfulness, and inspires shifts in long-held beliefs that hold groups back. She is a Certified ToP Facilitator, a ToP Trainer, and a certified facilitator of the Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment™ (DIA). ​ She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Master of Education from the University of St. Catherine.

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