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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Interventions
Cultivate openness and curiosity to spark change.

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In partnership with BIPOC and gender-expansive colleagues, we proudly offer the Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment™ for organizations who yearn to be more culturally inclusive but don't know where to start.


We incorporate DEI principles into everything we do. Drawing on Sherry's autistic special interest, we make implicit cultural assumptions explicit. We specialize in helping organizations name their underlying behavioral patterns in a caring way, so they can take steps to better include everyone.

Training & Coaching

We offer trainings for assisting organizations with race, gender, and neurodiversity inclusion. Contact us for our list current offerings, which include:

  • The Paradox of Minnesota Nice: How Discomfort Stymies Organizations

  • Language and Practices for Gender-Expansive Organizations

  • Neurodiversity: Principles for Including All Ways of Thinking

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